>B< Maxipro 1/2" Straight Coupler

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Secure and reliable connection for your air conditioning and refrigeration systems.

The MaxiPro 1/2" Straight Coupler is a key component for joining copper pipes in air conditioning and refrigeration applications. This innovative press fitting system offers a quick and easy installation process, creating a permanent and leak-proof connection.


  • Key features:

    • Suitable for applications up to 48 bar (700 psi).
    • Flame-free installation for increased safety and convenience.
    • 3-point press design ensures a strong and secure connection.
    • Lead-in edge protects the O-ring for reliable performance.
    • UL Listed component.
    • 10-year warranty when installed by a certified MaxiPro installer.


  • Ideal for:

    • Air conditioning systems
    • Refrigeration systems
    • Copper pipe connections


Upgrade your HVAC-R projects with the MaxiPro 1/2" Straight Coupler for fast, secure, and long-lasting results.

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