>B< Maxipro ACR Long Elbow 7/8"x 90D

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Ensure efficient and secure turns in your air conditioning and refrigeration piping systems with the MaxiPro ACR Long Elbow 7/8"x90D.

This high-quality elbow fitting allows for smooth 90-degree turns in your copper piping, essential for navigating corners and maintaining proper airflow in HVAC-R applications. The MaxiPro ACR system is known for its innovative press technology, offering a reliable and leak-proof connection.

  • Key features:

    • Designed for air conditioning and refrigeration applications.
    • Suitable for copper pipes with a diameter of 7/8 inches.
    • 90-degree elbow design facilitates smooth turns in piping layouts.
    • Innovative press connection system for fast and easy installation (no flame required).
    • Creates a permanent and secure leak-proof joint.
    • Durable and corrosion-resistant materials for long-lasting performance in HVAC-R environments.


  • Ideal for:

    • Air conditioning and refrigeration systems
    • Copper pipe connections
    • Making 90-degree turns in HVAC-R piping


Simplify your HVAC-R projects with the MaxiPro ACR Long Elbow 7/8"x90D. Leverage the benefits of the press connection system for fast, secure, and reliable results in your copper piping applications.

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