Spyder 13pc Bi-Metal (BIM) Hole Saw Set

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Drill effortlessly and precisely with the Spyder 13pc Bi-Metal Hole Saw Set!

This versatile set features the innovative Rapid Core Eject™ system, letting you:

    • Cut holes up to 5x faster than standard saws.
    • Eject cores with a push of a button, no more prying needed!
    • Cut at angles for greater flexibility.
    • Enlarge existing holes for perfect fit.

With 9 bi-metal hole saw blades ranging from 3/4" to 2-1/2", you'll tackle diverse drilling tasks in wood, metal, plastic, and more. Plus, the durable blades deliver smooth cuts even at slower speeds.

This set includes:

    • 9 Bi-metal hole saw blades
    • Universal Rapid Core Eject™ arbor
    • Pilot bits
    • Hard plastic carrying case


Upgrade your drilling experience with the Spyder 13pc Bi-Metal Hole Saw Set!

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