Spyder Mach-Blue 1/4-in 16 Step Drill Bit

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Spyder Stinger™ Mach-Blue™ Armor Plated high speed steel (HSS) step drill bits are high-performance metal drilling bits that provide exceptional quality and durability, drilling performance, and value. The Mach-Blue™ Armor Plating combined with the advanced M-series alloy tool steel construction and proprietary heat treatment make these bits truly revolutionary — they retain sharper cutting edges for longer, have reduced heat build-up and cutting friction, and increased durability, rigidity, and breakage resistance. These incredibly durable bits are the pro’s choice for precision drilling, extended bit life, and value. Ideal for electrical work and other applications in sheet metals, including enlarging existing holes.

  • Up to 50x more holes than titanium or black oxide drill bits
  • Up to 2x faster than titanium or black oxide drill bits
  • Proprietary Mach-Blue™ Armor Plating is a super hard surface plating that retains sharper cutting edges, and reduces heat build-up and cutting friction – resulting in faster cuts and exceptionally long drill life
  • Impact-rated 1/4″ speed hex won’t slip in conventional 3-jaw chucks and ideal for use in quick-change impacting power tools
  • Optimized 135° self-centering split point cutting geometry won’t walk or wander – even on pre-hardened or curved surfaces
  • Advanced M-Series alloy tool steel construction and proprietary heat treatment increase drill bit durability, rigidity and breakage resistance.
  • Ideal for drilling stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum, stacked sheet materials and other tough-to-drill alloys
  • Made in the USA
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